"Lourdu Annai Shrine at A.N.Mangalam was started in 1868 to foster the true devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. In 1958 on the occasion of the Centenary o f the apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes, Most Rev. Dr. V.S. Selvanathar, Bishop of Salem declared this as Salem Diocesan Shrine of our lady. I wish this website will help all to come to know of the shrine of our Lady at A.N Mangalam and help them to obtain God’s grace through our Blessed Mother. God Bless you all! " - Most Rev.Bp Dr.S.Singaroyan. Salem Diocese

Lourdu Annai Shrine
Lourdu Nagar, Malaikovil, Agraharam, A.N. Mangalam, (P.O.)
Karippatti Via, Salem – 636 106.


In 1868 a small prayer hall was constructed on top of the hill in Agraharam by Rev Fr .Brikkot with the support of the Christian families. Holy mass and the procession were conducted in that prayer hall only twice a year. One among the 3 statues of Lourdu Annai that came to Tamil Nadu from France is now at Agraharam Malai Kovil. With the combined efforts and the hard work of the parish priests and the youths of the "Catholic Seva Sangam' Mr. R Arocikasamy, Mr. C Raja Vaathiyar @ Savarimuthu, Mr. Siluvaimuthu, Mr. Chellakannu @ Anthony, Malai Kovil became a very beautiful place for worship.

The youths cleared the shrubs around the 'Malai Kovil' and made a pathway for the procession. Mother Mary's procession is celebrated every year on 11th of Feb. 1958 was celebrated across the world as the jubilee of Mother Mary's appearance in France. As part of the celebration Most Rev Bishop V.S Selvanathar selected Malai Kovil as the shrine of Salem Diocese.

Under the supervision of Rev Fr. M Vargeese and the suggestion of Mr Santhappa the Grotto in the western side of the Malai Kovil was constructed. When Rev Fr. G Mooviale was the parish priest, Mr G.D Appavu from Pondicherry donated the Way of Cross Stations to Malai Kovil on 31.5.1968. From then, at 5.30 PM every Lent Friday Way of Cross and Holy Mass is offered in the Malai Kovil.

During the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Salem Diocese, Most Rev Bp Michael Duraisamy adorned Mother Mary with a golden crown. During the period of Rev Fr. S Arockiasamy, 2 Silver Jubilee arch gates were built: one in the Salem-Attur road and the other in Agraharam. Malai Kovil was named Lourdu Nagar. Western side of the Malai Kovil was extended during the period of Rev Fr. Xavier (1990-1993). 15th Station of the Way of Cross was constructed on the hill top during the period of Rev Fr.M Jegaraj(1993-1995). Also an alter depicting the last supper was constructed during his period. With the help of Rev Fr. K.S Lawrence from the Chennai Arch diocese pilgrim’s hall was opened on 8.12.1997. Later concrete road was laid around the Grotto. The parish saw many improvements after Rev Fr. Peter Francis was appointed the parish priest on 2001. In 2004, steps on the right and left side of the Grotto were constructed. To support the worshipers while climbing the steps a lengthy steel rail was fixed in the year 2005. Sun Shades were raised on both sides of the Grotto. Marriage hall and community hall constructed to serve the people needs are remarkable.

Lourdu Annai Lourdu Annai

Agraharam Parish -"Holy Spirit Church"

History says that many countries were found in 18th century. Agraharam village was also formed in this 18th Century by Mr. Kaaliyapa Udayar. In 1702, Kaaliyapa Udayar, along with his family, servants and a Brahmin shifted from his village Veeranam to Agraharam. He built a temple for the goddess he took with him. His hardwork turned the forest in to a land that is suitable for cultivation. Attracted by this cultivation land few of his relatives and others from his native shifted to Agraharam. Kaaliyapa Udayar who was happily settled in Agraharam had a longing for a son to be his successor. He visited Uthariya Matha church in kakaveri where many miracles are witnessed by the believers. He was also blessed with a baby boy. As thanksgiving he renewed the roofing of the Kakaveri church. Also he and his family joined the Christian Faith. He was named Periyathambi after the PeriyaNayaki Matha.

This conversion earned him hatred from few of his relatives. But few others followed the footsteps of Periyathambi Udayar and joined the Christian Faith. In 1794, Rev Fr. Appothuva who was serving the Agraharam community paved way for the conversion of the Udayar from other Hindu religion. In 1820, a Christian lady , by her marriage with a man from different religion, brought her entire In Laws to her faith. Three more families from her husband’s village Athipaakam shifted to Agraharam. This way the Agraharam parish stared growing.

Priests from Paris visited Agraharam very often to preach the Word of God. But there was not a proper church for the priests to gather the people for prayer. In 1842, Rev Fr. Brikkot, purchased a land and laid the foundation for building a church, which was opposed by the people of other religion. After many hardships a church with Lady of Health as its patron was built and was blessed by Most Rev Bishop Poonan on 12.10.1846. Later, people belonging to the other religion shifted to the northern part of the village due to a fire accident. In 1868, in order to preach the Good News to those people, Rev Fr. Brikkot constructed a prayer hall on top of the hill in the situated in the northern part of the village. Rev Fr. Brikkot served the spiritual needs of the Agraharam people from 1868 to 1880. After him, older priests stayed in Agraharam to serve the people till 1930. Agraharam was still under the supervision of the Sevaipettai priests. Later Agraharam was made the sub parish of Sooramangalam. In 1939, to meet the increasing population, foundation for the present parish church was laid by Rev Fr. Joseph Baarel. On 31.8.1945 Agraharam was made a separate parish and Rev Fr. Matthew Thekadam was appointed as parish priest. In 1949 Fr Matthew Thekadam consecrated the church. Currently there are 2190 Christians living in the Agraharam parish.

Lourdu Annai Lourdu Annai
S.N0 Priest Year
1 Rev Fr.Kesar 1864-1865
2 Rev Fr.Bringent 1865-1866
3 Rev Fr.Iyes 1866-1867
4 Rev Fr.Brikkot 1868-1880
5 Rev Fr.Boscot 1880-1882
6 Rev Fr.H. Crosborne 1882-1883
7 Rev Fr.J. M Cross 1883-1887
8 Rev Fr.J. H Ithriyon 1887-1890
9 Rev Fr.J. M Nicolas 1890-1892
10 Rev Fr.A Pier 1892-1893
11 Rev Fr.A Thuriyar 1893-1893
12 Rev Fr.La Sattal 1893-1895
13 Rev Fr.M Suhas 1895-1895
14 Rev Fr.A Thomas 1895-1897
15 Rev Fr.Raphale 1897-1897
16 Rev Fr.Seegusaler 1897-1897
17 Rev Fr.Pier 1897-1902
18 Rev Fr.L Pungier 1902-1902
19 Rev Fr.J.M Cross 1902-1903
20 Rev Fr.Korananan 1903-1904
21 Rev Fr.Rayappan 1904-1906
22 Rev Fr.Kunaktons 1906-1906
23 Rev Fr.A. Soraen 1907-1909
24 Rev Fr.S.J Clement 1909-1922
25 Rev Fr.F. Noel 1922-1924
26 Rev Fr.G. Athiroopam 1924-1930
27 Rev Fr.A. Vakoone 1930-1936
28 Rev Fr.M. Thazhaseera 1936-1936
29 Rev Fr.Joseph Barral 1936-1942
30 Rev Fr.Gurusungal Koriyakose 1942-1944
31 Rev Fr.M. Thekadam 1944-1949
32 Rev Fr.B. A Zacharais 1949-1950
33 Rev Fr.M. Vargese 1950-1961
34 Rev Fr.G. Moviale 1961-1980
35 Rev Fr.S. Arockiasamy 1980-1985
36 Rev Fr.Henry George 1985-1988
37 Rev Fr.H. Arockia Raj 1988-1990
38 Rev Fr.R Xavier 1990-1993
39 Rev Fr.M. Jegaraj 1993-1995
40 Rev Fr.A Charles 1995-2000
41 Rev Fr.A. Amal Raj 2000-2001
42 Rev Fr.A. Peter Francis 2001-2004
44 Rev Fr.DuraiRaj 2007-2012
45 Rev Fr.John Arockiaraj 2012-2017
46 Rev Fr.A.Belevendram
2017-Till Date
Sub Parishes Missionaries Educational Institutions
Karipatti St. Montfort Brothers St. Mary’s Hr. Sec. School
Kootathupatti Immaculate Sisters St. Mary’s Primary School
Pallathathanoor St. Gabriel’s Primary School

Feast 09/02/2019

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The Parish Priest
The Parish Priest,
Holy Spirit Church,
Agraharam, A.N. Mangalam (P.O.),
Karippatti Via, Salem – 636 106.
PH: 0427 - 2482526
Lourdu Annai Shrine
Lourdu Nagar, Malaikovil,
Agraharam, A.N. Mangalam, (P.O.)
Karippatti Via, Salem – 636 106.
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Lourdu Annai Shrine is located at Agraharam, A.N Mangalam village in Salem district. Salem is located in the middle of India's southernmost state Tamil Nadu. It is around 330 km (via Chennai - Villupuram) from Tamilnadu state capital "Chennai" and 140 KM from "Coimbatore".
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From Salem old Bus stand to Karippatti -[Route # 74,44,10]
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Passenger: Salem JN - Virudhachalam JN(Via Vallapadi) 139 KM

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